So often when people think of membership they think of privileges. However, here at Calvary membership is all about responsibility. As a church member a person is committing to supporting the overall direction and mission of the church. They are committing to giving, serving, inviting, growing, and evangelizing for the cause of Christ through the local church. As Baptists we believe church membership is important for a number of reasons, first for identification and second for accountability. Certainly, church membership is not a requirement for salvation… that’s just silly. However, the New Testament would seem to indicate that the earliest believers were committed to belong to a local congregation for purpose of mutual edification in order to move the Kingdom of God forward as a member of God’s family. For this reason, we find it equally important to identify with a local church. Next, accountability ensures that no Christ follower is doing life alone. We all need mutual support. We all need others to help on our journey with the Lord for encouragement and admonition. Therefore, for the two reasons mentioned about we at Calvary Church value church membership.


Elements for Membership Include:

1. Receive Christ by faith

2. Be baptized by immersion

3. Attend “Beginnings” a 4-week class that gets to the heart of who we are at Calvary.

4. Be presented to the church as a new member